hazardous waste transfer stations

Tradebe is a UK wide organisation with a network of strategically located, permitted waste transfer stations. This allows us to accept waste for treatment at any of our sites in the most convenient location for our customers.

For waste streams we are unable to process in-house, the wide range of waste types acceptable through our transfer stations enables us to offer a total waste management service to our customers. Disposal routes employed by our waste transfer stations are procured from waste management partners offering the best available solutions, encompassing all the technologies currently available in the UK and Europe.

Our compliance teams ensure that each third party facility is rigorously audited to deliver compliance with all relevant legislation.

We can provide on-site chemists and packaging services for hazardous wastes.

The waste transfer stations are permitted to receive a large variety of waste streams including:

  •     Acid Waste
  •     Aerosols
  •     Asbestos
  •     Batteries
  •     Blasting Material
  •     Chlorinated Solvent
  •     Contaminated Packaging
  •     Contaminated PPE and Wipes
  •     Contaminated Soil
  •     Gas Cylinders/Bottles
  •     Halogenated Waste
  •     HPLC Waste
  •     Isocyanate based waste
  •     Lab Chemicals & Reagents (Lab Smalls)
  •     Mercury & Mercury Contaminated Materials
  •     Non-Chlorinated Solvent
  •     Non-Halogenated Waste
  •     Oil and Oil Contaminated Waste
  •     Oil Filters
  •     Organic Waste
  •     Out of Date Chemicals
  •     Waterbased Ink - Sludge
  •     Waterbased Paint - Sludge
  •     WEEE Waste

We work closely with a number of licensed waste operators to provide:

  •     Recycling of plastic & cardboard
  •     Metal recovery
  •     Waste from energy
  •     Aerosol recycling
  •     Aggregate replacement


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