Two Phase Centrifugation

Following the implementation of the Landfill Directive, the industry has needed to fundamentally change the way in which it manages oil sludge treatment and disposal.

Our objective is to provide a sustainable cost effective solution which maximises recovery of hydrocarbons and recyclable inert fractions and minimises both the volume and organic content of waste going to landfill.

Tradebe offers a fixed plant solution for the comprehensive oil sludge treatment and recovery of oil contaminated liquids, sludges and solids.

Using technology developed internally we are able to:

  • Recover & recycle 80 – 90% of the oil content
  • Recycle inert fractions
  • Separate and treat water content
  • Minimise waste for disposal

Waste streams suitable for oil sludge treatment:

  • Mobile oil sludges
  • Interceptor waste
  • Mobile tank bottoms

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