Transfrontier Shipments of Waste

Tradebe’s International Recovery Solutions (IRS) Department oversees and manages the importation and exportation of wastes across the Tradebe group of companies, also known as Transfrontier Shipments of Waste (TFS) . This provides our customers with sustainable long term recovery ‘R-Code’ solutions, that are focused on  the displacement of fossil fuels and energy recovery from waste, or the recycling of waste. This service is completed in compliance with OECD Basel Convention Transfrontier Shipment regulations (TFS) and all additional member state legislation. We also offer an independent carbon footprint analysis to demonstrate the benefits of our approach in displacing fossil fuels.

Continued global economic development and a shift toward greener, environmentally sound solutions to complex wastes has resulted in an increase of the international cross-border movements of these wastes.  As a company, we have developed long term agreements with advanced recovery facilities across Europe and further afield that allow us to capture and recover these wastes; currently we manage routes into or out of fifteen countries on three continents.

As the market leader operating across multiple countries and continents, we understand the importance of effective Transfrontier operations. Our fully licenced and regulated transfrontier shipment services are designed around our core principal of energy recovery from waste as well as wastes that can often be difficult or dangerous to handle and treat:

  • Pesticides/Herbicides & Phytopharmaceutical Wastes
  • Styrenes, Silanes & Reactive Fine Chemicals
  • Contaminated Packaging
  • Highly acidic/alkaline wastes
  • Isocyanates
  • Highly halogenated wastes
  • Not exhaustive

The combination of our cost-effective collection, re-processing and recycling services and our highly skilled customer support teams will help your business to minimise waste sent for disposal and reduce the use of fossil fuels in your waste supply chain. Our transfrontier waste shipment team can benefit your business both financially and environmentally. Our dedicated reprocessing team is a sector leader in this specialist field of disposal diversion and energy recovery.

Utilising our own fleet of logistics services and network of UK transfer stations, Tradebe’s International Recovery Solutions provide an effective and affordable answer, tailored to your hazardous waste needs. Our tailored solutions support all manner of volumes from large bulk waste collections such as ISO tanks, to smaller packaged wastes including drums, IBCs, carboys, bottles and cylinders. When your transfrontier waste shipment is accepted by Tradebe we will provide you with a bespoke written specification of the path of your waste, from acceptance to final process, and a unique identifier through which you’ll be able to track individual waste streams.

For more information about our transfrontier shipment of waste services, please complete our short information request form and a member of our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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