Laboratory Waste Services

Tradebe Labwaste is a specialist laboratory waste service provider, offering routine and one-off collections across the UK. With our extensive network of treatment and transfer stations, supported by a substantial fleet of small vans and lorries, we provide frequent small and medium collections in your local area.

We provide cost-effective and sustainable laboratory waste services for producers from a whole range of industries including; education, pharmaceutical, research, authorities, medical, life sciences and manufacturing.

We offer laboratory waste services in their entirety. From providing specialist mobile chemists for assistance in the safe classification, packaging and collection of waste, through to operating a fleet of collection vehicles and a UK network of transfer stations for the inspection, sorting, segregation of waste, prior to recycling, treatment and/or final disposal.

The hazardous waste bulked at our transfer sites is often treated at one of our in-house hazardous waste treatment facilities. These sites safely and securely eliminate the hazardous elements of complex wastes. Not many companies can provide this complete service with their own resources. This in-house capability not only makes our services operationally efficient and hence competitive, but it also provides a clear waste audit trail for our customers, making you confident your waste is being managed professionally and compliantly.

All of our waste is sorted and treated in the most economical and sustainable way, in accordance with the EU Waste Hierarchy. Priority is always given towards recycling and recovery, which is extremely beneficial for companies looking to improve their environmental accreditations.

Our extensive expertise in the laboratory waste services field, allows us to efficiently tailor packages dependant on customers’ requirements. Our services are renowned for our outstanding customer experience provided through our easy and seamless service offerings.

Contact our dedicated Tradebe Labwaste team today to learn more about how we can help you with laboratory waste service requirements.

Typical laboratory waste streams can include:

Laboratory Waste Services Leaflet

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