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Committed to the waste hierarchy, all our efforts are focused on waste reduction, recycling & recovery
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Tradebe operates UK facilities for the treatment and disposal of waste.
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Clinical Waste Treatment Scotland
Tradebe Waste Facility Opens to Support Scotland’s Clinical Waste Treatment

Tradebe Bellshill has been commissioned to support the clinical waste management requirements for Scotland’s NHS Health Boards, but will...

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Tradebe Inutec Gets Green Light for New Facility on its Winfrith Site

3D Visual of New Facility Build (Green) at the Tradebe Inutec Winfrith site.

We are delighted to announce that Dorset...

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Promoting Laboratory Plastic Waste Recycling at the ISTR Event

Institute of Safety Technology Research (ISTR) Autumn Symposia: Managing Laboratory and Research Waste Members Event. (Left to Right:...

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Tradebe Healthcare & Chesterfield Royal Awarded ‘Supplier of the Year’ at the NHS Sustainability Awards

Marlow, 17th May: Tradebe Healthcare and Chesterfield Royal are together celebrating after being awarded the ‘Supplier of the Year’ at this year’...

Sharing our Process Safety Insights at Hazards 29

Denise Cárdenas Lopez, SSHEQ Director from Tradebe Inutec will be sharing our Process Safety insights at Europe's largest annual process safety...

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Nuclear Site Licence Granted to Tradebe Inutec for Dorset Facility

Completing the signing of the site licence at the ONR o ffice in Cheltenham . (Left to Right: Dr Paul Jenneson (ONR Site Safety...

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Tradebe Healthcare Awarded 10 Year NHS Scotland Waste Management Contract

Marlow, 1st Feb: Tradebe Healthcare has been awarded a 10 to 12-year contract from NHS Scotland for the consultancy, collection, transport,...

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Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Chesterfield Royal Hospital Acknowledged for their High-Level Compliant Segregation of Clinical Waste

Chesterfield Royal Hospital being presented with their award by the Tradebe Healthcare team

At Tradebe Healthcare we conduct...

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Tradebe Inutec Acquires its Winfrith Site & New Land

This transfer of ownership of the land secures Tradebe Inutec’s future as a key local stakeholder in the Winfrith local community and as a vital...

Tradebe has designed a sustainable solvent recovery facility to treat and recycle solvent chemicals from the production cycles of BASF Schwarzheide...
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Tradebe Labwaste Safely Decommission the BEPI Columbo Satellite Test Rig for Display in the London Science Museum

BepiColombo is Europe's first mission to Mercury, scheduled to fly on the 20th of October 2018, with an expected arrival date late in 2025. This...

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Tradebe Labwaste to Speak in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Theatre at Lab Innovations

Tradebe Labwaste will speak in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s theatre at this year’s Lab Innovations event that will take place at the NEC in...

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees: Tradebe Heysham Holds 2018 Wellness Week

Our employees are critical to our success; they are the heart of our business and our foremost ambassadors. Healthy employees are happy employees...

Tradebe Exhibits at AURPO General Conference 2018

This September, Tradebe exhibited at the Association of University Radiation Protection Officers’ (AURPO) Annual Conference at the University of...

Tradebe Inutec Working in Collaboration with EDF Energy

Tradebe Inutec and EDF Energy have entered a new non-exclusive framework agreement to manage radioactive waste across EDF Energy’s UK Nuclear...

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BCF Sustainable Innovation Award 2018 Sponsor

At Tradebe, sustainability is intrinsic to every part of our business. We are delighted to be this year’s sponsor of the 2018 British Coatings...

Tradebe Global

Tradebe, the UK’s leading hazardous waste services provider continues its expansion through the completion of a second significant acquisition in...


“This acquisition will leverage the combined expertise of Tradebe and FREG to provide significant opportunities to serve our combined business in the Southeastern US”.  “FREG was founded as a family owned company, having a long-standing reputation of excellent customer service. Tradebe is very proud to incorporate FREG and Clearwater Environmental into our...


Tradebe and the Banc dels Aliments have set themselves the objective of minimising food wastage by signing a mutual collaboration agreement and joining forces to achieve this goal.

Fundació Banc dels Aliments