Waste Oil Collection, Recycling & Disposal

Competitive Rates & Nationwide Services

Tradebe offers the complete package for waste oil collection, treatment, recovery and disposal. With a large number of strategically located UK transfer stations and our own waste oil processing facilities, we can offer our customers very competitive rates. Members of the Oil Recycling Association.

Fully Compliant & Environmentally Committed

We are one of the largest hazardous waste companies in the UK, so we fully understand the importance of treating and disposing of your waste in accordance with current legislation. We also fulfil your obligation to meet the Waste Hierarchy to ensure high environmental performance. Our recently improved treatment removes even greater levels of contaminants to produce higher quality oil for use as a recovered fuel feedstock.

Large, Small, Regular & One Off Collections

We can collect small quantities in drums or IBC’s either as a dedicated service or as part of a regular packaged waste collection. For larger quantities, we can collect through our specialist bulk tanker fleet that operates from our treatment and transfer stations.

Suitable Waste Oil Streams

We collect from a variety of waste oil producing industries including engineering, automotive and industrial. Suitable streams for recovery:

Including Automotive, Machining, Lubricating, Hydraulic, Fuel Waste Oils

Contact Our Dedicated Team Today!

For more information about our waste oil collection, recovery and disposal solutions, please contact our oil services team on: 0845 603 2893 or email us.

Additional Hazardous Waste Services

Tradebe can provide you with a solution for all your hazardous waste streams, including but not limited to: Solvents (antifreeze, paints, thinners, coolant, adhesives), oily rags & granules, brake fluid, acids, mixed fuels, asbestos, aerosols, batteries, gas bottles, WEEE waste.


Waste producers can face substantial fines and even imprisonment if their waste is not disposed of in accordance with current legislation.


Other Related Services:

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