Interceptor Cleaning

Tradebe Provides Comprehensive and Efficient Drainage and Interceptor Cleaning
Often found on industrial forecourts, retail parks and petrol station premises, Interceptors are drainage installations that perform a vital role in the reduction of both flooding and the risk of pollutants contaminating public drainage systems. Designed to “intercept” hazardous or unwanted materials such as split petrol, oil and grease spillages, interceptors are underground chambers that collect run-off water and any contaminants that may leak from the surface, and reduce the risk of flooding and ground pollution. Interceptor cleaning and maintenance should be an important element of any affected company’s pre-planned maintenance and is a vital component in ensuring that your interceptor remains functional and effective, and that your facility continues meet its legal and environmental obligations in dealing with contaminated forecourt water.
Our Industrial Tank Cleaning Services
Tradebe’s drainage and interceptor cleaning services can help your company prevent safety, health and environmental hazards through regular wastewater interceptor cleaning, emptying, blockage removal and any other necessary maintenance. Through our expert interceptor cleaning, we can help you minimise pollution, identify any current or potential problems in your drainage system, silt build-up or mineral deposits, and reduce the risk of flooding. We recommend regular cleaning at six-month intervals, and Tradebe’s scheduled interceptor cleaning and maintenance programme can help you meet your safety and compliance obligations. We recommend regular cleaning at six-month intervals, with Tradebe’s scheduled interceptor cleaning and maintenance programme designed to help you meet your safety and compliance obligations. Our highly trained interceptor cleaning teams will select the best course of action to cleanse you system, from manned jet washing to high performance vacuum tanker deployment. Once completed, comprehensive service plans and logs of each inspection will be provided to ensure that you remain fully informed about the health of your drainage system.
How We Can Help
Tradebe’s interceptor cleaning services can give you complete peace of mind that your interceptor and drainage system is operating at optimal performance, while safely and compliantly disposing of all waste materials at one of our in-house physio-chemical treatment facilities. In fuel-dominated environments spillages can often be inevitable, don’t let them impact your operations by ensuring that your forecourt interceptor is professionally cleaned and functional.
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