Paint Waste Disposal & Collection Service

Tradebe operates an active nationwide network of licenced collection vehicles, local waste transfer stations and in-house UK treatment facilities. Our small vans and lorries regularly collect small quantities of waste paint in tins, drums or IBC’s and we operate bulk tankers for specialist larger quantities from premises across the UK. To find out when we are next in your area, please call: 0845 603 2893 or complete the form to the right.
We provide flexible paint waste disposal and paint sludge disposal solutions as part of a regular packaged collection or as a dedicated service. Our specialist vehicles are permitted to carry mixed packaged hazardous waste material alongside your paint waste collection. We work directly with paint waste producers including painters, decorators, vehicle refinishers, paint manufacturers etc.
Why Choose Tradebe? Deal Direct: We are the UK’s Largest Processer of Paint Waste!
Tradebe is the UK’s largest processor of hazardous wastes from the manufacture, formulation, supply and use of paints, varnishes, adhesives, sealants and printing inks! The majority of the paint waste we receive is responsibly treated through recycled or recovered environmental solutions, so why go elsewhere, when you can deal directly with a sustainable waste processer!
Licensed to Accept All Waste Paint
Our vehicles are permitted to collect all types of paint waste including:
• Industrial Specialist Waste Paint (inc Lead or Heavy Metal)
• Solvent Based Paint
• Water Based Paint
• Paint Sludge Waste
• Paint Tins / Contaminated Packaging (Empty, Full/Part-Full)
• Paint Filter Bags / Cartridges
• Paint Contaminated Waste E.g. Waste Water 
• Cleaning Solvent Waste
• Accident Spill / Discharges
Sustainable Paint Waste Disposal & Paint Sludge Disposal Solutions: What Happens to my Waste?
Once your waste is collected from your site, it will be taken to one of our local hazardous waste transfer stations where is it sorted and segregate ready for onward movement to our appropriate processing facilities where it will be recycled, recovered or/and disposed. 
Solvent paint waste is laundered and recovered for reuse or re-sale back to the market, waste not suitable for recycling is recovered through blending at our North West facility into secondary liquid fuel that is an alternative fuel for firing cement kilns. The majority of paint waste received by Tradebe is recovered, but when recovery is not possible, we can remove its hazardous nature through treatment at our high temperature incinerator. We play a critical role in the sustainability and circular economy for the UK’s paints & coatings industry and we are Associate Members of the British Coatings Federation.
PaintCare: Creating a Circular Economy for Leftover Paint
As part of our wider ambition to maximise use of resources, we are committed to helping create a sustainable circular economy for leftover decorative paint in the UK. We are partners with PaintCare led by the BCF and are in full support of the goals of the BCF’s Resource Efficiency Action Plan for decorative paint.

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