Hazardous Waste Treatment

Nationwide Collections - Bulk, Drum and Packaged Wastes

Tradebe has a strong and extensive nationwide fleet of vehicles and network of strategically located waste stations, along with multi-purpose treatment facilities for cost effective, sustainable and flexible hazardous waste treatment. Our vast network of hazardous waste transfer stations allows us to store and safely segregate hazardous waste in accordance with the UK Waste Hierarchy.

Our hazardous waste treatment facilities have been developed with state of the art technologies and in-line with the UK waste strategy and Best Available Techniques (BAT).  The treatment of hazardous waste at our sites can involve changing the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of waste.

Tradebe provides a wealth of hazardous waste treatment services include:

Tradebe are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of waste through our innovative hazardous waste treatment and recovery processes. We are committed to maximising resource recovery for sustainable waste solutions and meeting the individual needs of our customers. Our extensive hazardous waste treatment processes and national operations allow us to investigate a variety of disposal options for your waste that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Our broad acceptance criteria held by our hazardous waste treatment facilities and transfer stations allows us to accept a large number of European Waste Catalogue codes for both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

We collect, treat and dispose of a large range of hazardous waste for a large range of industries including oil and gas, utilities, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, printing, coating, construction, academic, local authorities, engineering, aerospace, defence.


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