Laboratory Decommissioning, Decontamination & Lab Closures

Tradebe provides efficient, safe and compliant laboratory decontamination services to companies across the UK. Whether you require decontamination for a lab move, renovation, decommissioning closure or a routine cleanse, we’ll work with you to design a cost-effective customised solution for your requirements.

Tradebe Labwaste can provide you with:

  • Chemical sampling, identification, analysis, listing and re-packaging by our in-house specialist mobile technical service chemists.
  • Provide all the necessary inventory of equipment and supplies (PPE, suitable vehicles, UN approved packaging, labels, inventory etc).
  • Surface, structure & building decontamination.
  • Chemical transportation services using our dedicated vehicles and ADR drivers for special/dangerous load movements.
  • Chemical or other hazardous material treatment, recycling & final disposal at one of our Tradebe facilities.
  • On & off site temporary chemical storage services.
  • Removal & recycling of redundant equipment, instruments & furniture.
  • Off-set any saleable resources (redundant equipment, furniture, chemicals etc) against costs.
  • Removal & disposal of contamination furniture, fume cupboards, drains, pumps.
  • Official laboratory decontamination certificates.

Project Management

All phases of your project will be managed by an experienced and skilled lead chemist, who will smoothly coordinate all the activities to mitigate any risks, ensuring high safety standards and compliance with all legal regulations.

Tradebe Labwaste have experience working with customers from a wide range of establishments including research, pharmaceutical, chemicals, biotechnology, healthcare, education. We undertake projects including small lab relocations within the same building, to large company moves to a new postcode or even across country.

Sustainable Solutions for Your Unwanted Chemicals

We offer full laboratory decontamination services including the disposal of unwanted chemicals. We operate a network of treatment and hazardous waste transfer stations across the UK. Our in-house waste and recycling facilities can provide a number of treatment and/or disposal options. Sustainability is at the heart of Tradebe’s operations, your waste will be treated in the most economical and environmentally sustainable way, in accordance with the EU Waste Hierarchy.

If you would like to learn how Tradebe Labwaste can help you with your laboratory decontamination requirements, please complete the form to the right.

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