Mobile Chemists & Technical Assessment

It is important that waste is correctly identified before we can proceed with the removal of hazardous waste. To assist with the correct identification of waste, we have a team of experienced waste sector chemists to support our client's throughout the waste management process.

To ensure legislative compliance and the identification of the most suitable recovery, recycling or treatment process for your waste, our qualified team of mobile chemists can provide the following services before we can provide you with hazardous waste removal:

  • Identification and sampling of waste streams
  • Waste Assessment
  • Review of waste segregation
  • Identification of container requirements
  • Identification of transport requirements
  • Safe packaging of goods for carriage
  • Palletising
  • Labelling
  • Re-drumming
  • Provision and completion of all documentation

Alternatively, if you do not require a mobile chemist, then at your initial hazardous waste removal enquiry, please send our technical sales team a waste declaration document. Our chemists will evaluate and technically assess your waste(s) in order to utilise the most appropriate treatment or disposal option. At this stage we may then request a sample to ensure the waste is suitable for treatment at our facilities before hazardous waste removal from your site. Tradebe provides a fast and efficient sample collection services for the pre-acceptance evaluation and assessment of your waste.

Once your waste has been assessed, a formal hazardous waste removal quotation will be generated with a unique reference number to allow you to arrange disposal with our regional Customer Services Team.


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