Low & Intermediate Level Radioactive Treatment

Our Winfrith site is unique in terms of its technology, facilities and its radioactive discharge authorisations.

Our current capabilities include:

  • A safety case for handling ILW
  • Extensive buffer storage
  • Radioactive materials transport containers
  • A rail head
  • Waste sampling tools
  • Waste retrieval equipment
  • Radiochemical analysis laboratories
  • Fixed and mobile Low-level waste cementation plants
  • Cement sample archive store
  • Alpha processing laboratories/facility
  • Mobile supercompaction plant
  • Mobile organic destruction plant
  • Tritium and carbon-14 decontamination facilities
  • Waste process development laboratories
  • A flexible sorting and processing facility

We can operate our mobile plant on any nuclear site or in our centralised processing facilities at Winfrith.

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