Chemical Waste Services

We are one of largest solvent handling companies in Europe.

We fulfil the whole solvent management life-cycle at Tradebe sites across the UK:

  • Packaged solvents (Recycled & Virgin)
  • Bulk solvents (Recycled & Virgin)
  • Waste collection
  • Solvent recycling
  • Solvent blending
  • Final disposal (HTI)

Whether we are designing packaging, purifying solvents, creating solvent blends or identifying suitable disposal routes - our final products and services are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Solvents & The Waste Hierarchy

Protecting the environment is at the heart of TRADEBE’s operations. We are guided by the Waste Hierarchy introduced by the Europeans Union’s Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC. The Waste Hierarchy ensures we treat used solvents in the ‘greenest’ most environmentally sustainable way.

Recycling Solvents & Sales

In the first instance, we always look to recycle used solvents. In many cases, recycled solvents can be used as an alternative for virgin material. Recycled solvents can be either returned to the original user (in a Toll Recovery process) or repackaged for resale in small solvent quantities (containers, drums or IBCs) or bulk solvent quantities (distributed in tankers).

Solvent Blending - Secondary Liquid Fuel (Cemfuel)

When recycling is not a viable option due to the unsuitability of the used solvent, we extract the calorific value of the material through producing a secondary liquid fuel called Cemfuel. Cemfuel is used as a replacement for fossil fuels required to fire cement kilns. The remaining residues from the solvent recycling process are also blended into the Cemfuel.

Stream Improvement Program

We work closely with many of our clients to identify waste streams that can be moved up the Waste Hierarchy (for example - from secondary liquid fuel to recycle). This has the duel benefit of assisting our clients on a financial level and also providing TRADEBE with material that can be used as a sellable product in the market place or returned as a TOLL recovery.

Tradebe sites offering this service are:

Sunderland | Knottingley | Rye | Heysham

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