Agricultural Waste Recycling & Disposal

Tradebe offers a nationwide agricultural and horticultural waste collection, recycling and disposal service for farming, horticultural and equestrian businesses across the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland).

As a leading UK environmental services company with a national network of treatment/recycling facilities, waste transfer sites and dedicated vehicles for collection, we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective package for agricultural waste recycling and disposal.

We provide flexible one-off or regular agricultural waste collections that are suited to your waste volumes and storage capability. We operate a regular service that collects waste from business in every area of the UK.

Agrochemical Waste Disposal

  • Pesticides (Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides).
  • Growth Regulators
  • Desiccants
  • Adjuvants
  • Other Chemical Waste

Agricultural Plastic Recycling

Tradebe operates state of the art plastic recycling facilities that accept a wide range of plastics and polymers from all types of businesses across the UK. The plastic recycling process at our facilities involves cleaning, shredding and pelletising for onward use. Plastic material suitable for recycling is classified under an R code for waste recovery, which is beneficial for environmental accreditations.

  • Plastic Packaging & Containers (inc IBC, Drums)
  • Silage Wrap/Film
  • Bale Wrap/Film
  • Crop Covers
  • Polypropylene FIBC Bags
  • Polytunnel
  • Chemical Plastic Drums
  • Fertiliser Bags
  • Seed Trays

Agricultural Automotive Waste

Tradebe parent company of Avanti Environmental Automotive Waste Services, is the largest recycler of automotive waste in the UK.

You have a duty of care to ensure your agricultural waste is handled, stored, transported, recycled and disposed of in a safe and compliant manner.

Contact us for more information about our agriculture waste disposal and recycling service.

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