Tank Inspection Service (OFTEC)

Expert and Compliant (OFTEC) Registered Tank Inspection Services
Regular tank inspections are an essential tool in ensuring that your oil and fuel systems continue to function in the highest possible working order. Over time, tanks containing oil and other fuel substances can suffer structural issues, leading to leakage and other problems. Resultant leaks can have significant costs, both financially and environmentally, and should be prevented wherever possible. In order to comply with best practice guidelines and OFTEC recommendations and avoid leaks and resultant fines, you should ensure that your oil and fuel storage tanks receive regular annual inspection, preferably carried out by an OFTEC registered engineer.
Our Tank Inspection (OFTEC) Services
Tradebe provides essential and comprehensive OFTEC registered tank inspection services to identify issue with your tanks’ structural integrity, and give you peace of mind by minimising the risk of future issues. Our highly trained team of engineers are experienced in assessing and inspecting a vast array of storage tanks. Once the inspection has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed report summarising the inspection and recommending appropriate corrective action to consider in order to prevent a spill or leak where necessary. Our UK-wide network of engineers are on-call to provide rapid response tank inspection, maintenance and service solutions throughout the country, both in open and confined spaces. With the help of our expert team you can ensure that any potential environmental or safety hazards are eliminated before becoming a serious issue. Tradebe’s annual fuel system check services fully comply with OFTEC and PPG2 / PPG3 Pollution Prevention Guidelines, with a recommended frequency of once or twice per annum.
How We Can Help
Our comprehensive tank inspection services, in accordance with OFTEC Class II examination procedure, ensure that the following areas are effectively reviewed:
  • The condition of tank surfaces and supports
  • The area beneath/around tank and nearby fittings and pipe work
  • An inspection of gauges and the bund
  • An Inspection of filling and venting provisions
  • Examination of signs of ground contamination and/or loss of product
  • Tank installation compliance
  • An inspection of Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) provisions where applicable
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