Radioactive Waste Disposal - Low & Intermediate Level


Flexible Nationwide Collections Supported by a Network of Local Transfer Stations, Extensive Fleet of Permitted Collection Vehicles & In-House RSR ERP10 Permitted High Temperature Incineration

Tradebe is a leading provider of specialist low level radioactive waste management services to a broad range of industries including education, oil & gas, nuclear, healthcare and research.

We have extensive experience of delivering efficient, cost-effective and legally compliant integrated solutions for radioactive waste from establishments across the UK.

We operate a nationwide treatment and transfer network of authorised and permitted facilities, along with a substantial inventory of licensed vehicles for the safe and compliant collection and transportation of radioactive waste.

Our complete low and intermediate radioactive waste management services include, but are not limited to:

 We accept all alpha, beta and gamma radionuclides. Suitable waste types include:

  • Solid Active Waste
  • Liquid Active Waste
  • Scintillation Waste
  • Mixed Waste (E.g. chemical)
  • Contaminated Materials (E.g. Sharps)
  • Uranium Compounds
  • Thorium Compounds
  • Sealed Sources
  • Thoron & Radon Generators
  • Becquerel Plates
  • Panax Kits

If you would like to know more about our radioactive waste disposal service, please contact our friendly customer support team on: 0845 603 2893

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