Hazardous Waste Disposal

Local Sites With Nationwide Coverage

Tradebe offers a complete nationwide service for the collection, recycling, recovery, treatment, and final disposal of hazardous waste. Our specialist fleet of vehicles includes small and medium vans for small volume hazardous waste collections (inc containers, tins, cylinders, drums, pallets and IBCs) and bulk vehicles including tankers for larger industrial collections.

When Are We Next in Your Area?

As we already have well established hazardous waste collection routes across the UK, collecting waste on daily basis, we can offer the most cost-effective services when we are in your area. To find out when we are next in your area, please complete the enquiry form to the right and we can provide you with a free no-obligation quotation for your hazardous waste disposal needs.

Deal Direct with Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility Operators!

We are one largest hazardous waste treatment companies in the UK, with our own operating facilities to process all types of hazardous waste. Unlike many other waste companies, we have the advantage to take your waste through the entire waste process from collection through to final waste treatment and/or disposal, providing you with a clear audit trail of your hazardous waste.

We Serve All Industries

Tradebe provides hazardous waste disposal services for all industries generating hazardous waste across the UK. Our customers include, but are not limited to farmers, dentists, households, printers, painters, schools, pharmacies, local councils, drug manufacturers, garages...and many more. Whether you have hazardous waste in small or large quantities, we can provide you directly with hazardous waste disposal services.

Sustainability at Work

Our in-house treatment processes include chemical recycling, solvent blending, neutralisation, biological waste treatment, oil removal, redox treatment and high temperature incineration. Sustainability and environmental protection are at the heart of what we do and we will use the most appropriate and efficient recycling and disposal routes for your hazardous waste.

Not Sure About Your Waste Composition?

It is essential that your waste is correctly identified before we can arrange a hazardous waste collection. If you are unsure of the composition of your waste, we have experienced and qualified technical assessors and mobile chemists that can assist you with the sampling, classification, packaging, labelling and documentation to ensure you are legally compliant.

Free Hazardous Waste Disposal Quotation

For a free quotation, please contact us using the form to the right.

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