Physico-Chemical Waste Treatment

Across our physico-chemical treatment facilities, Tradebe can process up to 750,000 tonnes of industrial liquid and sludge waste a year.

The waste material is fully treated using neutralisation, metals precipitation, redox treatment and oil removal, before blending and finally filter-pressing to achieve a balanced effluent suitable for discharge and a filter cake suitable for either recycling or disposal.

Waste streams suitable for physico-chemical treatment:

  •     Caustic Solutions
  •     Effluent Sludges
  •     Contaminated coolant water
  •     Ferric Chloride
  •     Acidic Liquors
  •     Aqueous mother liquors
  •     Aqueous washing liquors
  •     Filter Cakes
  •     Sludges from washing & cleaning
  •     Waterbased Paint & Inks - Liquid
  •     Toner Solutions
  •     Wastebased Adhesive & sealant sludges
  •     Oil contaminated waters
  •     Lime
  •     Galv Acid
  •     Pickling Bases
  •     Phosphating Sludges
  •     Degreasing waste
  •     Heavy Metal contaminated waste
  •     Etching wastes
  •     Machining Oils
  •     Maching Emulsions
  •     Bleach
  •     Acid and Bases

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