Sharing our Process Safety Insights at Hazards 29

Denise Cárdenas Lopez, SSHEQ Director from Tradebe Inutec will be sharing our Process Safety insights at Europe's largest annual process safety conference - IChemE Hazards Conference in Birmingham on the 24th May.

Tradebe Inutec was the first Site within the last 15 years to go through the Nuclear Licensing process, in which Denise played a central role. The paper titled: Moving from Tenant to Nuclear Licence Holder on a GB Nuclear Licensed Site, provides an overview of the lessons learned throughout the complex process for obtaining a nuclear site licence. 

The paper will cover the complexity of the legislative framework and management of numerous stakeholders including the Office for Nuclear Regulation, Environmental Agency, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and many more. 

Denise will go through the key practical and challenging experiences of managing the licensing process focusing on how to weave the regulatory aspects with stakeholder management and the lessons learned from the process.

The paper will conclude with summary recommendations for best practice, including multi-stakeholder management, Regulatory aspects (safety case/nuclear site licence) and transparency of process.

About IChemE Hazards Conference: Hazards 29
Hazards 29 is Europe's largest annual process safety conference that shares good practice, latest developments and lessons learned in process safety, promoting a continuous focus on safer operations, and helping to make good practice common practice.

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