Chesterfield Royal Hospital Acknowledged for their High-Level Compliant Segregation of Clinical Waste

Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Tradebe UK

Chesterfield Royal Hospital being presented with their award by the Tradebe Healthcare team


At Tradebe Healthcare we conduct regular customer compliance audits to ensure our customers are managing their clinical waste correctly and in accordance with current regulations. These audits also provide valuable insights and bespoke recommendations that often focus on minimising waste and maximising waste segregation, which in turn can reduce both the associated financial and environmental costs of clinical waste.

To recognise work done in this area Tradebe Healthcare has introduced a Certificate of Achievement that acknowledges customers who have shown a high level of compliant segregation of clinical waste over the past year.

We are pleased to announce that Chesterfield Royal Hospital has been awarded the 2018 certification. The award recognises the outstanding work done by Chesterfield Royal Hospital to create and maintain a high level of clinical waste segregation across a number of projects. With the help of Tradebe Healthcare the hospital has improved its level of compliance, resulting in significant financial and environmental benefits.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s notable projects include the introduction of an offensive waste compactor, which has reduced collection from five to two days per week and maximised the use of the sharps management system, also delivering a cost saving in the packaging of healthcare wastes.

The hospital’s last three pre-acceptance audits have been outstanding with Tradebe Healthcare suggestions and recommendations being internalised and actioned extremely effectively by the Health, Safety and Environment Advisor, Sally Ludditt at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Congratulations to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital for their excellent standards of compliance, and being presented with the first Tradebe Healthcare certificate for the high-level compliant segregation of clinical waste.

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