Tradebe Inutec Gets Green Light for New Facility on its Winfrith Site

Tradebe UK


3D Visual of New Facility Build (Green) at the Tradebe Inutec Winfrith site.


We are delighted to announce that Dorset County Council has approved Tradebe Inutec’s planning permission application for a new facility on its Winfrith site.

The 700m2 building will be the first new permanent facility to be constructed on the Winfrith site for 20 years and is another significant investment on the site that follows Tradebe Inutec becoming a nuclear site licensee in early 2019.

Contractors are due to begin on-site work within weeks and, when complete, the new facility will enable the company to further increase flexibility for customers in processing their LLW and borderline ILW waste, and substantially increase processing capacity and accelerate project completion. 

Tradebe Inutec’s Managing Director, Brian Mulholland said “The facility will become operational in summer 2020 and underpins our Winfrith site as a Centre of Excellence for the processing of complex waste streams.  We’re delighted to be moving forward on this important project and in supporting the UK’s decommissioning mission".

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