Heysham Breaks 3000 Day LTI Milestone

Tradebe UK

We are PROUD to announce that our Heysham site has recently surpassed the milestone of operating for 3000 consecutive days without incurring a single LTI (Lost Time Injury).


This record has been attributed to the hard work of our on-site colleagues and their dedication to Near Miss Reporting in an effort to successfully hit SHEQ targets. The second and third order corrective actions implemented as a direct result of these efforts are the drivers to further improvements in on-site SHEQ performance across all our sites.


“I think that each and every one of the site’s teams should be very proud of achieving this excellent record,” commented Rob Chick, Heysham SHEQ Manager.


TRADEBE Heysham experienced four minor accidents in 2016. While this number is a record low, the site’s next goal is to operate for 365 consecutive days without a single accident.


Well done to the Heysham team for all their hard work in making this milestone a reality.

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