TRADEBE Attends Edie Smarter Sustainability Reporting Conference

Tradebe UK
A delegation of TRADEBE UK colleagues attended the Edie Smarter Sustainability Reporting Conference last week. The conference, a business-critical event for professionals driving transparent and engaging reporting, is a discussion of methods of reducing risk, delivering positive impacts and increasing long-term profitability.
The conference included speeches and workshops examining thought-provoking ideas, discussions on digitisation, frameworks and integrated reporting, constructive insight from global experts on the key elements of good reporting and diverse case studies on transparency, data, the SDGs and stakeholder engagement.
Chris Barnes, Marketing and Logistics Director, was part of the TRADEBE UK team that attended the event. “This conference has provided some innovative and thought provoking concepts of how to approach the topic of sustainability reporting,” commented Chris. “These ideas may prove to be extremely relevant as we approach the production of our 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report.”
Our 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report will be published later this year, while the 2015 report can be accessed on the UK Intranet.

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