TRADEBE Healthcare Transport LTI Reduction – The Manager Ride-Along Programme

Tradebe UK
TRADEBE UK Site Managers, Transport Managers and even the Finance Business Partner, have embarked on an ambitious initiative to accompany more than 50 TRADEBE Healthcare drivers in England and Wales for ‘Ride – Alongs.’ Our managers have joined drivers on their individual routes, assisting with hazard spotting, and identifying the best immediate courses of action to take in line with our PROUD ethos and PROUD message of Pause – Reflect – Outline – Understand – Do. 
Our managers are able to aid in ensuring that drivers feel confident in using the ‘Near Miss System’ at customer sites, so that all issues are logged efficiently. The ‘Ride Along’ initiative also allows our Site and Transport Managers to develop a library of high quality information available for all drivers, including on-site customer contact details and site-specific routes.
The ‘Ride-Along’ scheme was first proposed during discussions on methods to combat and specifically reduce the number of incidents involving TRADEBE Healthcare drivers. Over the period of 2016, Tradebe Healthcare drivers suffered 4 LTIs (Lost Time Injuries) and 2 RIDDOR LTIs (more than 7 days absence), all whilst either travelling to, or at one of our thousands of Tradebe Healthcare customer sites.
TRADEBE ‘Ride-Alongs’ have been ongoing since the start of January, 2017, with more than 20 customer sites already visited. Any issues raised are prioritised and shared with the TRADEBE Commercial team, who are vital in liaising with our customers to ensure that they are aware of the issues raised and the need to resolve them.
By affirming that our PROUD culture of safety awareness is implemented throughout TRADEBE Healthcare, we are able to ensure that issues and near misses are reported in the correct manner, and dealt with efficiently.
By working together as ONE TRADEBE, we will drive down accidents and LTIs to our Tradebe Healthcare drivers.

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