TRADEBE UK Partners with Chemistry with Cabbage

Tradebe UK
  1. Begin with a class of thirty 10-11 year olds.
  2. Combine with PVA glue, household borax, food colouring and cabbage.
  3. Introduce the control variable of excitement.
RESULT: Education, fun and 30 future scientists in the making.
This is the scenario created by the TRADEBE UK sponsored Chemistry with Cabbage, an award winning educational initiative which provides interactive chemistry workshops for over 200 primary schools and 6,000 pupils in years 5 and 6, every year. Established in 1999, the initiative was developed to inspire the younger generation to study chemistry and consider a future career in the sciences.
TRADEBE first partnered with the Chemistry with Cabbage in 2016, sponsoring a workshop at one local Lancashire school. The event, designed to capture the imagination of young minds by making chemistry exciting, logical and accessible to all, proved to be a resounding success with student and teachers alike.
We have now committed to sponsoring a series of Chemistry with Cabbage workshops at schools close to some of our other UK sites in 2017. The last event took place in Ellesmere Port in June, with upcoming workshops taking place in Wrexham in September, and Lancaster in November. An Ellesmere Port teacher called it “inspiring from the start”, noting that the pupils were “engaged, motivated and enthralled” and that the workshop “brought chemistry to life for them”.
As an employer, business partner and neighbour we are proud of the positive roles we play in our local communities. We are committed to interacting with our communities, supporting young people in education and encouraging younger generations to become involved with scientific initiatives.
With a variety of awards from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Chemical Business Association and Women in Science and Engineering, Chemistry with Cabbage is an exciting initiative that we are proud to sponsor. We understand the importance of Inspiring our younger generations to consider a future career in chemistry, as our company’s future is dependent on the talents of this generation in the chemical industry.
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