The Tradebe Inutec business is a leading provider of independent Radioactive Waste Management Services to the UK and overseas market. Inutec is the only Company in the UK that offers depth and breadth of resource and expertise across all areas of Radioactive Waste Management capabilities.

We provides a full range of services for Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning (both Low Level Waste, LLW and Intermediate Level Waste, ILW), including:

  • Waste management assessments and consultancy studies
  • Waste sampling and characterisation
  • Advanced waste treatment processes
  • Recycling, recovery and recategorisation (e.g.detritiation)
  • Waste packaging and immobilisation
  • Impact and fire testing of transport packages
  • Analytical and radiochemistry
  • High temperature chemistry
  • Waste management plant optimisation, design review and validation

We provide a highly specialised and fully integrated approach to delivering solutions across the waste management cycle.

We have a wide experience of the UK regulatory requirements for both plant and processes, including the NDA, RWMD LoC, specifications and disposal concept, the safety requirements for a nuclear licensed site and environmental regulation and legislation.

The business has longstanding, well-established relationships with all of the leading operators in the UK nuclear industry as well as many overseas organisations spanning over 25 years.

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