Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Decontamination Services

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Decontamination & Waste Services

Contamination on surfaces touched by employees and customer is one of the main ways that COVID-19 spreads.

Tradebe provides specialist deep cleaning and hazardous waste disposal for commercial and industrial businesses outside of the healthcare settings that require professional COVID-19 coronavirus decontamination services. Suitable for commercial establishments such as labs, schools, universities, factories and warehouses that have had confirmed cases of coronavirus or as a precautionary measure.

Tradebe’s team is experienced and equipped to decontaminate touch-surfaces using industrial strength chemicals with a broad spectrum kill claim to eliminate potentially-deadly viruses removing the contaminates before final disposal. Over the years, our dedicated industrial team have completed many challenging decommissioning and decontamination projects for a range of commercial and industrial applications. Our team have previously undertaken projects to decommission laboratories and research facilities; most relevant to the present pandemic situation being the decontamination and then decommissioning of a Creutzfelt-Jakob disease (CJD) research facility and laboratories. Please contact us for references and more information.

COVID-19 contaminated waste has been classified as Category B (UN3291) and is packaged in a UN approved orange bag and consigned as infectious clinical waste. The waste is disinfected and properly treated at a specialist healthcare waste treatment facility. Our Tradebe Healthcare operates nationwide alternative treatment and high temperature incineration facilities for compliant disposal of COVID-19 contaminated waste.

To book our coronavirus decontamination or hazardous waste service, please complete the form to the right and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Demand for this service is currently high.

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