Plastic Bucket Recycling

Tradebe’s plastic bucket recycling solutions provide an affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to your plastic bucket waste.
Plastic buckets are used extensively throughout a variety of sectors, from catering to chemicals, and can often present a disposal challenge once used. Unwanted or used plastic buckets often find their way into conventional waste disposal; with some experts suggesting that just one tonne of plastic waste can directly contribute to seven cubic yards of landfill space.
At Tradebe our processes prioritise the recycling and reuse of materials wherever possible. We want to ensure that as much plastic bucket and plastic container waste avoids landfill disposal as possible. Our state of the art shredding, granulating and washing technologies mean that we can accept, process and recycle plastic buckets and containers that would have traditionally been destined for landfill disposal, often due to their high levels of waste contamination.
Whatever the origin of your plastic bucket and plastic container waste, Tradebe can offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to even the most challenging plastic bucket recycling and plastic container recycling problems.
Tradebe technical expertise and state of the art facilities and equipment places us at the cutting edge of plastic bucket recycling in the UK, and enables us to give our customers peace of mind that their plastic waste is being processed and treated in an environmentally responsible way.
For more information about our plastic bucket recycling and plastic container recycling services, please complete our short information request form and a member of our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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