Plasterboard & Gypsum Recycling

We opened our first Alternative Raw Materials recycling plant in mid 2009, which is situated in Merseyside. One of our major successes has been the development of “Cemset” .This is the trade name given to the gypsum product that is milled with Portland cement clinker for its setting retardant properties, providing a robust recovery route for waste plasterboard. Rigorous testing and analysis of the product ensures that it meets the necessary quality standards. This product is now supplied to all three of the Hanson Cement kilns in the UK.

Our Kirkby plasterboard recycling facility currently services a wide range of end users including construction and demolition companies, waste management companies and plasterboard distributors/manufacturer’s who offer “take back” schemes.

We accept plasterboard inputs in skips, walking floor vehicles, ejector trailers, bulk tippers etc.

Plasterboard must be clean, paper-backed, dry, free from any other miscellaneous contamination i.e. metal, wood, nails, building rubble, asbestos etc.

We can recycle and recover 100% of all waste plasterboard.

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