Tradebe UK 2019 Employee Excellence Awards

Tradebe UK
Tradebe UK recently held its Excellence Awards 2019 ceremony as part of the Tradebe UK Environmental Services Conference. The awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements and dedication of Tradebe UK employees, either as individuals or on a team basis and range from safety performance and sustainability to customer excellence. We were delighted with the number of outstanding contenders for this year’s awards, and look forward to celebrating many more of our colleagues’ achievements in the future. The awards were presented by UK CEO Robin Randall and Global CEO Victor Creixell to individuals, sites & teams that have demonstrated excellent performance in each category.
Award Highlights
Site Safety Excellence Award: Safety is first and foremost at Tradebe
Winner: Ellesmere Port
The PSA Group Ellesmere Port waste operations facility managed by Tradebe has maintained its excellent focus on safety culture throughout 2018 & 2019. The award was accepted by Dean Ceplis (Site Operations Manager) and Chris Vasey (Transfer Operations & Polymers Divisional Director).
Customer Excellence Award: Promoting a work culture that values the customer
Winner: Bryan Alexander: Brokering Manager
Bryan has gone above and beyond in service to his customers. This award recognises his excellent customer management & engagement.
ONETRADEBE Award: Uniting our employees, sites and operations
Winner: Chris Jolliffe: Radioactives Integration Manager
Chris received this award for embracing the ONETRADEBE ethos through enabling projects that combine our diverse capabilities and build synergies that help to build a stronger Tradebe. Chris demonstrates a positive, can-do attitude.
Sustainability Award: Having a positive impact on the environment and providing sustainable solutions
Winner: Tradebe Wrexham
Our Tradebe Healthcare Wrexham site and team were presented with this award due to their positive impact on both internal and external sustainability projects and awards, particularly the Helix Steam Expander project which not only now provides our customers with a recovery code, but also significantly reduces the external energy consumption for the site.
Site Financial Performance Award: Delivering outstanding financial performance
Winner: Tradebe Wrexham
Tradebe Wrexham won this award for its excellent growth initiatives coupled with its company-leading financial performance throughout 2018 & 2019, propelled by its throughput maximisation and operational efficiencies.
Sales Team of the Year Award: Consistently meeting the challenges of an ever changing market
Winner: Tradebe Healthcare
The Healthcare team received this award in recognition of securing excellent new business for Tradebe Environmental Services UK.
We would like to congratulate all our award-winning colleagues, sites and teams for their hard work and perseverance in the delivery of excellence.

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