TRADEBE Partners with BFC Paintcare

Tradebe UK
TRADEBE UK is proud to announce a new partnership with BFC (British Coatings Federation) Paintcare. We have made a voluntary pledge to commit to the values of the Paintcare Project and their ambition to create a circular economy for the UK’s leftover paint.
As the UK’s largest hazardous waste management and recycling company, we recover and process 60 per cent of all paints and coatings waste products in the UK. Our pledge to join this initiative is a significant demonstration of our ongoing commitment to providing sustainable solutions that improve environmental performance.
We pledge to uphold the BFC’s ambition to create a sustainable circular economy for leftover paint in the UK, and support the goals of the BCF’s Resource Efficiency Action Plan for decorative paint:
  • Stop the landfilling of over 20m litres of leftover decorative paint per year.
  • Increase the reuse and remanufacturing of leftover decorative paint from two per cent to 50 per cent.
  • Work with local and national Government, paint manufacturers, retailers, the waste industry and stakeholders.
  • Remove legislative barriers.
  • Help find new markets for remanufactured paint products.
  • Facilitate a national network of paint collection and remanufacturing centres, bringing new job opportunities.
  • Maximise the use of valuable raw materials and resources.

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