Tradebe Inutec Working in Collaboration with EDF Energy

Tradebe Inutec and EDF Energy have entered a new non-exclusive framework agreement to manage radioactive waste across EDF Energy’s UK Nuclear fleet. This agreement follows many years of significant professional collaboration and will build on existing contracts to process specific radioactive waste types.

This new agreement will not only see Tradebe Inutec provide standard radioactive waste management services including supercompaction, the process of maximising the number of drums that can be deposited in a single disposal container, and incineration of the entire range of waste packages used in the radioactive waste industry, but also more bespoke solutions to complex waste inventories.

This contract will enable EDF Energy to utilise Tradebe Inutec’s more than 30 years of radioactive waste treatment experience serving a wide range of sectors, from hospitals and research establishments to civil nuclear and defence. In accordance with the new framework agreement Tradebe Inutec will now provide services to the EDF Energy UK Nuclear fleet.

Chris Macey, Tradebe Inutec Head of Sales said “we are delighted to have entered into this new framework agreement with EDF Energy, further consolidating our existing working relationship with one of the global leaders in energy supply. Working in collaboration, Tradebe Inutec and EDF Energy will be able to share expertise in their respective fields to process these radioactive wastes in an efficient and environmentally compliant manner.”

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