Tradebe Inutec Awarded Waste Treatment Services Framework Contract from LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR)

Tradebe UK

Tradebe Inutec has successfully secured a contract from  Low Level Waste Repository Ltd (LLWR) for the provision of a range of Waste Treatment Services which includes delivering all of the required core processes: Incineration, Supercompaction and Sort & Segregation.

LLWR  manage the UK’s low level radioactive waste repository that is located on the West Cumbrian coast. Operating on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, LLWR also offers other waste treatment services via the supply chain for the UK’s low level radioactive waste producers.

As part of this Waste Treatment Services contract, Tradebe Inutec’s facility on the Winfrith Nuclear Licenced Site and the incineration facilities at Fawley will play central roles in delivering the required services for this  2-year Framework, with the option of two 1-year extensions.

The Winfrith facilities will process a wide range of low to intermediate level  waste,  providing specialist technical and analytical services, sorting, segregation, supercompaction, packaging and pre-treatment before disposal. Tradebe Fawley will destroy combustible waste via High Temperature  Incineration (HTI), with typical volume reduction rates of 85-90%.

Tradebe Inutec was able to demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement and the development of innovative solutions that will enhance the service on offer. The significant investment in Tradebe Inutec’s own Site Licence was key evidence of being able to provide the capabilities required for this Framework.

Chris Macey, Head of Sales, Tradebe Inutec comments: “Tradebe Inutec has more than 30 years’ of experience in the nuclear industry. As both a customer and supplier we have a strong working relationship with the LLWR,  understanding their strategic objectives and how we can most effectively support these with our service capabilities. This Framework award highlights our extensive collective competencies including our people, resources, innovation, sustainability and risk management.”

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