TRADEBE 2015 UK Corporate Sustainability Report

Tradebe UK
After months of data gathering, analysis and evaluation, the TRADEBE 2015 UK Corporate Sustainability Report has arrived.
The report, which is current until mid-2017, provides an in-depth examination of our efforts in our continued commitment to being a responsible and sustainable business. In 2015 we continued our tradition of applying our technology and expertise to help solve the issue of hazardous waste management in the UK. As the UK’s largest provider of hazardous waste solutions, we recognise the necessity of creating a positive impact on the people, society and environment of the UK and beyond.
With chapters including Our Health and Safety, Our Environment, Our People, Our Communities and Our Future, the report covers all aspects of TRADEBE UK’s commitment to a sustainable future.
The 2015 edition is TRADEBE UK’s first CSR report, and as such we have opted for a passive release. While the report has not been widely distributed to our client base, we would like to encourage our sales staff to share the report where appropriate.
The report may be finished but now we want to hear from you! We want to know what you liked and didn’t like, what worked well and what could have been done better.
Keep a look out for the TRADEBE UK 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report in our UK offices.

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