IBC Recycling & Disposal

Our services enable us to offer efficient and affordable IBC recycling and disposal solutions throughout the UK.
Tradebe accept used intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, and recondition them for reuse. IBC's that are not suitable for recycling are broken down and the individual components are recycled. We accept IBC's that contain hazardous residue and trace levels of harmful substances, which are processed, treated, recycled and in some cases disposed of safely and in accordance with current regulations. At Tradebe, we process in excess of 10,000 IBCs annually, from a diverse range of industries including chemicals, food, agricultural and petro-chemicals.
Our IBC Recycling Service
Tradebe provides a unique IBC recycling service designed and tailored to meet your needs. Our dedicated and fully licensed transport fleet and nationwide transfer station network enable us to collect anywhere from one to 52 IBCs per load, ensuring that all your IBC disposal and IBC recycling needs are met. Through our nationwide IBC collection, treatment and disposal services, we emphasise reuse and recycling wherever possible, minimising both Tradebe’s and our customers’ environmental footprint.
Compliance & Legislation
All our sites are approved by the local environmental authority and licensed to comply with European and UK legislation. All of our services are available nationwide and are centrally coordinated from our customers service department for an efficient and reliable service.
For more information about our IBC Recycling services, please complete our information request form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.
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