Decontamination, Disinfection & Full Deep Clean Services

Protecting Your Workforce From Infection

Providing specialist disinfection, full deep clean and decontamination services that reduce the risks of a potential infection outbreak in industrial and commercial workspaces such as factories, warehouses, laboratories, universities and schools.

Infection Control Specialists

Our highly qualified, professional technicians are full equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment, infection control equipment and experience to deal with the most challenging of decontamination projects. We use industrial strength chemicals with a broad spectrum kill claim that eliminates potentially-deadly pathogens, whether bacterial, viral, fungicidal or parasitic.

Providing Reassurance

We work smartly and safely. Our services are designed around you and your business. Projects are properly planned in advance to allow us to work efficiently. We are fully focused on reducing disruption and downtime of your operations.

 In-House Infectious Waste Treatment

As a leading hazardous waste environmental company, Tradebe also operates nationwide hygiene waste treatment facilities for eliminating the hazardous nature of infectious waste generated from our decontamination projects. Both high temperature incineration and clinical waste alternative treatment facilities operate in-house.

Decontamination, Disinfection & Full Deep Clean Services

If you suspect your site or premises has been infected, contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

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